Afternoon Appetizer; Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” ~It is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.. (Wikipedia)

Many of us have heard this saying throughout our life. I believe I first heard it in elementary school.  But this saying is far from the truth.  My Evening Edible will focus on why our words are so important and how to stop speaking curses over our lives, as well as others.


6 thoughts on “Afternoon Appetizer; Words

  1. I am a living witness to words hurting actually I think they hurt worse than physical abuse. Words that were spoken to me as a child still stays with me today.

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  2. I believe that is a process of growth we have to go thru.. I practice saying affirmations in order to speak things into existence however I too am fighting that battle. I will keep you in my prayers u & ur family 😘😘😘

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  3. I always speak curses into my life when I am going thru difficulties. I say stuffs like “I wish I were dead…”. Few months later, I started experiencing nightmares. I would see myself in a grave yard and it kept on for years. It was really tormenting.
    A day came, I went to God in prayers regarding the evil dream, and for the first time the Lord showed me in his word that my problem was a product of what I have been saying.
    I repented and changed my confessions to “..with long life has God satisfied me”, “I am blessed,” etc. And the nightmare ceased instantly. Praise God!


  4. I had an experience on this subject that changed my entire life forever.
    I was once that kind of person you would best describe as pessimistic. Whenever I am going thru difficult times I usually say stuffs like, “I wish I was Mr x”(referring to someone thats dead). Few months later, I started having nightmares. I would see myself in the grave yard. It was really tormenting and it went on for years. I went to some occultic places for solution but none came, rather the dream became incessant.
    One day, i went into personal fast and i cried to God about this. The Holy Spirit led me to his word where he made me realise that my predicament was self inflicted by the wrong use of my tongue. That night, i repented and asked him to help me.
    Weeks following, the Holy Spirit led me from one scripture to the other on the Power of the tongue.
    The nightmare ceased and my life took a turn for the best. Now am helping others by encouraging them to always use their tongue to speak blessings and not curses.

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