Tough Question

wow this spoke to me in so many ways I’m forever GRATEFUL for her voice!


You wanna know why I like watching movies? Or TV, or theater, or shoot, even a good book?

It’s because I like to imagine myself as the main character.

Maybe that’s the actor in me. Or perhaps I’m nauseatingly narcissistic. But it’s something that I’ve just always done. Case in point: reading the Harry Potter books growing up, I envisioned myself as Hermione Granger.


And I still do 😛


So, naturally, when I go to church, I envision myself as the character in the story or parable.

So sue me.

But tonight the story was about the blind man, from Mark 10:46.

And I know I’ve written about the miracles of Jesus before. But this passage particularly struck me.

The gist of the gospel was this: A blind man sees Jesus coming down the road. Blind man calls out to Jesus, “Have pity on me!” Crowd…

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