Morning Minutes; Woe Is Me.


So for the past 2 days i have been missing in action.  On Wednesday i walked around frustrated, angry, and full of self-pity.  Lol.  You know i missed a whole 2 days because of this foolishness.  One day to self-pity, the next trying to make up for that day.  Waste of time Right.

So Wednesday night I got a glimpse of reality. Wallowing the whole day, just worrying, about little things.  Matthew 6:25-34 was immediately brought to my attention.  God says don’t worry about anything, clothes, food, and etc. He will take care of you.  He will give me all of that.  Your focus should be on Kingdom things.

Well what are Kingdom things? Love, worship, and service.

Do not confuse this statement. We are to have goals and when given a problem do all that we can but the outcome is Gods alone.  He can not work unless you give Him something to work from. Faith without works is DEAD.. But, worrying about the outcome, and/or whether you will meet the mark of your goals, is up to you.  You can either fret the place you’re at now or learn to be content in all situations.

I sat back and thanked God for everything, because while i was in self-pity mode, I discovered, I hadn’t really done all that I could.

John 2:1-12 we encounter Mary, the mother of Jesus, worrying about there not being anymore wine.  Jesus hardly took recognition to her statement. Why? Because that minor thing wasnt important.  In fact, this first miracle was one of the easiest ones, compared to all the healings, and parting of the red sea.  This miracle also required only a small amount of faith and work from the people.  They did their part and God did the rest.

I want to leave you guys with a thought.   Evaluate your circumstance and situation and see if you have done all that you can.  Once you have done all you can, leave it to God, and shift your docus to loving and helping others. You will then see God move in miraculous ways.

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