Sometimes I feel a sense of grief and sadness, hard to explain, hard to decide, lies…..~KMA


Jesus too felt emotions. In John 4 we see where Jesus was tired and sat wearily.  He felt human emotions He just didn’t let it consume Him.  Wearily is defined as doing something in a tired way, or without any energy or patience. (; physically or mentally exhausted. (  the woman he met at the well was also emotional.  She came to the well at noon, the hottest time of the day probably so her emotions wouldn’t show.  She let her emotions consume her by avoidance.  Living in a world where we cannot avoid humans; how do we deal with our emotions in a healthy way?

Anytime we let our emotions become a determining factor in our life, they have spiraled out of control. I will admit, I am an emotional person.  I have made choices, at times, due to my emotions.  Were they right or wrong? That’s neither here nor there.  I want to get into a position, like Jesus, where I will not be overtaken by my emotions, and can remain emotionally healthy and stable.

Here are 3 tips for staying emotionally healthy:

  1. Talk to God. I have learned during my study that Jesus prayed often. In fact sometimes, He would go off by Himself, for alone time with God. Prayer does not have to consist of silly rituals or big words. A dialogue like me and you are having is just fine. Prayer is an outlet for you to talk with God and Him to talk with you. So as you speak, listen for answers.
  2. You have to find an outlet and positive support system. This could be a person or an activity. Whether it’s writing, drawing, and painting, fishing, or swimming. There has to be something or someone in place to be your outlet. Go out and be open to different types of activities and friendships.
  3. Speak Positive Christ filled Affirmations over yourself and your life. The tongue is very powerful. So every morning speak those things from the word out loud. Ex. I am wonderfully and fearfully made, God wants me to prosper, I am healed, and etc.

But whatever you do, don’t let your emotions keep you stagnant. I suffered from this many times.  Not only was I not productive but I was unable to use my gifts for their intended purposes.  This made me feel useless and less productive.  This in turn, contributed to my unhealthy emotions.  Disasters, big or small, are bound to happen in our lives.  Let’s stay spiritually charged up so that when they do happen, we will be more equipped to handle them.

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