Morning Minutes; A personal touch….

This morning I wanted to write something unedited unscripted straight from my thoughts. I have been married almost 2 years seperated almost the same time. God had been prompting me to let go but I really didnt understand, seeing as though He hates divorce.

The light bulb finally went off yesterday. Letting go isnt giving up or throwing it away. Letting go is moving forward and shifting my focus.

I speak to the women and men
going thru seperation or maybe a divorce. Let go. Let God. Pray about your husband and marriage but shift your focus to you. Figure out what God wants to change in you and become closer to Him. Your focus should be on pleasing Him and the rest will follow.

It wasnt until last night that I finally understand what the phrase meant. I am hopeful for a restored marriage, however I am forever blessed for the dramatic change that the Father has brought in me. Even if the marriage does not work, I take pride in knowing that the event, though extremely painful, brought me into a full blown relationship with God.

If this is you, in this story as well, I want to send a prayer to you today.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for this sister or brother reading this. I thank you that they want to honor your word and omit divorce. I thank you for their boldness in coming to you in prayer. Right now Father their is an epidemic going on to ruin bonds and vows. We cast that down in the name of Jesus. Now I ask that you use this time to bring us who are suffering closer and back to you. Transform our character, our mind, our heart to shift the focus off of self, our marriage, and our spouse and shift it back to U. GOD GIVE US THAT JOY AND HAPPINESS BACK THAT ONLY COMES THRU U. FILL ALL VOIDS OF LONLINESS LOVE AND BITTERNESS AND ANY LACK. I THANK U FOR DOING IT NOT ONLY FOR ME BUT FOR THE PERSON READING THIS. I ALSO THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THE COURAGE TO FINALLY LET GO. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

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