Morning Minutes; Vulnerability is the New Sexy

I wonder why we are such prideful beings.  I personally, cringe at the thought of people seeing me at my low points.  It makes my stomach turn, at just the thought of people seeing me weak.

This is pride, and fear is the culprit of pride.  I don’t want to appear “not perfect”, in a seemingly perfect world.  It is my fear that if my weaknesses are exposed, I may be judged or taken advantage of. So how do I walk out of fear into wholeness?

I choose to accept God for what He is and who He is.  In Him i am accepted flaws and all.  He sees me as wonderfully and fearfully made.  As the righteousness of Him. I am His beloved.  So i must choose to receive this from Him.  I share my insecurities with Him and He remains judgement free.

In the story of the Samaritan woman, she too had a prideful issue.  Even when she had the encounter with Jesus, she left as soon as the disciples came back.  I believe she was still ashamed.  This means even after we have an encounter with Christ, we must still go thru the process of being delivered of our prideful sinful nature.

So I say this to myself and others who struggle in this area; It’s ok to be vulnerable.  Its ok not to be ok.  It’s ok to be weak because being vulnerable is the new sexy.

Happy Thursday you guys


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