Today after service, which was on fear, I began to study.  As I was reading,  a lot of stuff about my hometown came to mind. So I began to have a dialogue with God thru journaling.

Heres how the conversation went:

I think people love to hear good talk and encouragement,but they also like to see the fruits of Your labor.  (Me to God)

I talk about God often, but to be a loving testimony of His works, much is required.

Whats required? ( my question to God)  Listening, believing, receiving, and being quiet (humble). Being still..  Listening for that still small voice.  Not only listening to me but listening to the needs of the people you come on contact with.  When you do this, you can be used as my vessel, to be a blessing.  Observe your community.  Take mental notes on what the people need and what they look like.  DESTITUTE..  Wherever there is destitute, there is a need for help, and you ma’am can do it.

End of conversation…

I sit back and I think, I don’t have to be led to help.  When I see a need, I provide a service.  A service of whatever type of way I can.  This is true service to God and the needs of others.  This is true love.

My actions today and moving forward, will be to show the true nature of God thru my works, not just my words. We are blessed so we can bless others.  Therefore, we are made to be blessings.


Happy Sunday 😘😘😘😘😘

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