Evening Edibles; Lets talk about SEX

I wanted to share something unscripted unedited about my own personal journey.

I have decided to remain celibate till marriage.  These are my beliefs and I am proud of them.  However, I get met with so much opposition from the opposite sex, when I tell them this.

Tonight, I sat and asked God “Is this gonna be hard?”  I desire to get married again, but I also desire to remain holy.  Being imperfect, as all humans are, I may slip up, but I want a man who will respect my purpose, which is to please God.

I have no answers on how to live pure, in this manner, while the world is unclean.  I’m afraid that maybe I will never marry again.  Everyone wants to do it, even me.

Even though I am reassured by that still small voice that echoes FAITH, I still wonder..  How hard will it be to find my mate?

This is one time where I wanna ask my readers to give their input.  Please don’t preach to me or give me the “holier than thou” speech.  This is an issue that we need empathetic wisdom on.


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