Morning Minutes; Belief

Jesus asked, “Will you never believe in me unless you see miraculous signs and wonders?” ( John 4:48NLT)

During study this morning, something about this verse spoke to me.  It was as if He were asking me this Himself.

You see I have a hard time believing anything, unless I see results.  I believe we all battle with this from time to time.

I believe God is simply saying, believe in Me because I am He.   We get so wrapped up in what God can and will do for us, that we forget to ask what we can do for Him.

Faith is not about seeing results, its about believing you will get the results.  So even when I dont see, I believe.

Getting to know who God is, is about believing in Him, inspite of not seeing.  Get to know Him better and fall in Love with Him, then you will begin to see…




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