Morning Minutes; Vain Glory

Ever heard of this word? This is what we do when we do things simply to be celebrated.  This is not a godly trait, in fact it is deadly to our spirit walk.

Everyone likes to be celebrated, exalted, and honored.  This becomes a problem, only when our motives for doing things, is to achieve some sort of status quo.

This morning, “holier than thou”me, realized that this trait was operating in me.  I immediately had to pray for forgiveness and ask God to take it out of me.  I realize now the culprit is Pride.

Lets face it, we are prideful beings. We love to appear above the norm, flawless, and perfect.  This is not reality.

We are perfectly imperfect humans.  Even though, I acknowledge this sin, I believe God will turn it around and it will work out in His favor.  I believe He will get me into a place where pride doesnt exist and God get all the glory because thats what He wants.  He desires to use  people who accredit all that they have and all that they do to Him.

Thank you God for showing me ME..




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