Afternoon Appetizer;Change

Ive been missing in actions since I started a new position.  Sorry you guys..

I have been battling these feelings.  Feelings derived fro CHANGE.  The fear of change, the fear of the unknown, and just not understanding the change goong on within.

Let me say this, my life is extremely better than a year ago.  As a matter fact it is nothing short of a miracle, so much so, that I am afraid of the future.

Not only am I afraid of the future, I am afraid of the past.  Sounds silly? I dont think so.


Last year, I was going thru seperation, childbirth, cheating spouse who had neglected his family due to his addictions, job loss, and just misery.

Fast Forward:

Today, I have relocated, nice prominent position, almost fully certified in NC with the business certifications Ive held in my former residence state, and moving into my own house next week.

To many, thats a major blessing.  To me, so much change has happened, my head is spinning.  Now although I am walking in miraculous victory, I must admit this change is very scary…

Change is inevitable.  So we press forward, AFRAID even.  Knowing that God has our back and He has all things under control….




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