Afternoon Appetizer; Mental Torment

And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on earth. (Colossians 3:2 AMP)

This morning, along with other days, I have been hit with the plague of mental torment.  I have allowed the devil to play thoughts, scenes, and etc in my mind, that at times caused me to be emotionally drained and sprained.

From the fear of losing my newfound job, to my husbands betrayal and his mistress.

These tactics are satans tricks for discouragement.  He uses these not only to distract us but to make us less useful and resourceful.  These times he binds our mines with foolishness can be used for our production of services to and for God.

In other words, he wants to keep us from our destiny.

 I am the first to admit that dealing with certain circumstances, its hard not to think about them, and even harder not to talk about them.  I want to encourage you because there is hope.

I have recieved alot of healing from this bondage by simply replacing my thought process with something else Godly or positive.  You see, its  not enough to just cast the thought down, you have to replace it.  Because if the devil can get a grip on your mind, the rest will follow.  I havent done my affirmations in days but this skill helps me replace those damaging thoughts.  Damaging to me and my health and ultimately, my healing process.

I believe, if we tell people how not to think of something, AND how to replace those thoughts more change will occur.  Many times people have told me dont think like that or talk  like that.  But never shared with me exactly what to do in order to get those thoughts out of my mind permanently.

There is a war going on overr your mind.  The mind and tongue are very powerful tools because where ever they go the rest will follow.



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