Over the past couple of days, I felt a sense of sadness, grief, & anger.  This coupled with the holidays and a need to belong made me hopeless.

To the naked eye my situation is ideal.  I have my health, 3 beautiful boys, a prominent job, and excellent benefits. But, on the inside I still desire more.  More from my family, friends, God, and marriage.

On the way to church I let out all my frustrations to my dear friend kiki.  She informed me she understood but also to move on and remain grateful for what I did have and what God was doing.  As she started naming my blessings, I marvelled at the fact that while I am going thru deep despair, God is overflowing me with His blessings and favor.  She reminded me that to move on is to focus on those things and be grateful.

I knew that call was heavensent but when I entered into church the preacher spoke on Romans.  God restoring Hope….

God spoke to me in 2 distinct ways from 2 different people with the same message.  Remain hopeful in your circumstances in ME AND U WILL BE BLESSED!!!!

To those who have lost hope, take inventory of the blessings you have and you too will see that your situation may not be ideal, but God is still in the blessing business.


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