Morning Minutes; Hope

Over the past few days, my emotions have run wild.  Alot of people on this blog may know Im seperated from my husband living in another state.  He has gotten the OW pregnant and they are currently moving on with their life.

I battle with emotions regarding my marriage daily.  I have did a little dating and flirting but never been intimate with another man.  Well this weekend, the emotions were high because I could not understand why I still had hope in a seemingly deadless marriage.

Everyone says move on and indeed I tried.  Not only with other men, but I have tried divorcing him 4 times only for the process not to go thru by choice.  I guess if I really wanted to I could have manipulated the judicial system and already been divorced.  But I made the BOLD CHOICE TO LIVE HOLY AND WISE…  LOL

I still dont know why I have hope. However, I was led to ask 4 specific women to pray for him, my marriage, and me while he is in a position of sobriety for the first time in years.

My hope is for the marriage to be restored and my husband to recieve salvation and become the man of God he is designed to be.

I dont know why I hope but…..




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