Morning Minutes; The Why

My battles that have plagued me in the last 2 years always I question God why.  I mean new marriage  gone, husband gone, house gone, car gone.  I could not understand until this morning in my Beth Moore study of the book of Esther.

God told the people of Moses that as long as they worshipped Him he would shield them, fight for them, and protect them.  But as soon as they turned their backs, He would use their enemies to make them fall at His knees.

So to my question Why God.  His answer: SO THAT U COULD COME BACK TO ME…..

You see everytime I get unfocused, bothered, overwhelmed, angry, unhappy, and etc I am forced to drop to my knees and come back to the Lord. He then shows me my worship life.  Once I see the loophole, the why I am feeling like this, which I have concluded has something to do with the lack of my worship, I am brought back to Him and made whole again.  This is a gigantic process and lesson.  One lesson I keep repeating but today it stops.  I have to have my 1 on 1 with Him in order to be shielded.

This is not to say trials and tribulations wont come but with Him at work I am shileded from its affects on me emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


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