This morning on the way to work I noticed a swift change in the seasons.  This made me think of the seasons of life and I wanted to probe a question: Which season are you in?

This season in my life Im mourning and healing alot.  As I celebrated my 2nd Anniversary, reality hit me that although married 2 years I have been single just the same.  I also realized Ive lost alot and succumb to alot during the last 2 years.

It wasnt until I submitted to the process and aLlowed God to enter into the season to heal me and restore that I actually knew what it meant and felt what it meant to let go.

Leting go is releasing the need to control and allowing yourself to feel the pain.  This season holds alot of tears, fears, and anger.  But most importantly, this season holds healing and change, both internally and externally.

So as I walk thru this season, taking my time not to rush it, I allow myself to feel.  This means you may see me crying in the grocery store or laughing hysterically for no reason that the eyes can see.  This doesnt mean im crazy this is just me allowing God and my soul to simply be….

I want to encourage others to join the healing bandwagon and I want to discourage some to not judge.

You may not understand the process but everything is working out for our good…



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