Morning Minutes: “You talking about me?”

Good morning good people.  Yesterday Pastor Donnie McMcCLurkin revealed to the world he was engaged.  I for one was shocked because I have never seen him or heard of him dating anyone however I was happy as I am all for LOVE and especially black love.

I am a fan of gossip sites, (which I am believing God to take that demon away from me lol), and when I saw this posting on a certain blog i scrolled down to read the comments.  Those comments were filled with such hate, disgust, and the most evil I have ever read.

For those who may not know Donnie has been delivered and healed from homosexuality.  Looking at how this man has chose to be out with the old and in with the new I was astounded.  It’s hard enough changing but for this man to down right deny his flesh, amd walk in the obedience of God I for one am proud.

I was led to Romans 16 where God is stating clearly not to criticize or judge others.  I have no idea anyone’s struggle, what they are going thru at the present moment really, im no god, and certainly have demons of my own.  These few things alone make me wanna hide under a rock when I look to shame someone else or judge.

I think we live in a world where people. are judged by how harsh we think their past or sin is.  Because he committed adultery he is horrible or because she murdered someone she is a villain.  Forgiveness and mercy is extended to all.  Operating in the love of God causes us to see people the way He does. 

Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God.  So let’s stop condemning each other. Decide instead to live in such a way that you will not cause another believer to stumble and fall. Romans 14:12-13

I will be the first to admit I can be a hard critic aka judge.  I am reminded today that I have my own demons im battling, my own skeletons in my closet, and im a continuous work in progress. 

Today I choose to LOVE THE WAY GOD DOES.




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