Morning Minutes; People Pleasing

I think wanting to be accepted is a part of every humans DNA.  We desire to be loved and be a part of a community.  The fact that we are actually designed for each other is a good thing but when we shift that desire to look for the validation of others thats where the trouble lies.

This validation syndrome (I think I made up a disease lol) is very toxic.  I doubt we will ever live up to the expectations of some people in our lives.  To this day I still feel like I’ve let others down.

This morning while reading in Corinthians, Paul states how he doesn’t care how he is evaluated by people & human authority.  He then goes on to say I don’t even trust what I think of myself at this point because just because I have a clear conscience doesn’t mean I’m right.  His goal was to please the Lord.

While reading and meditating I thought, I want to get to that point.  I want to get to a point where nothing even matters.  Where my mind is fixed only on pleasing God and what He thinks about me.

So how do we get to that point?  We see exactly what God thinks of us.  What does God think of me?

To be continued…..

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