Morning Minutes; I am

God has united you with Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:30a SLA

I battle depression.  Some episodes have been so bad that I haven’t been able to get out the bed.  I remember the darkest time in my marriage I actually had to go stay with my Aunt Charlotte so she could feed me and my kids.

Although I rarely suffer from episodes this bad anymore, I want to get in a position where I am living bulletproof.  A position where my circumstances dont affect my moods and how I look at myself.

So I am currently studying “who God says I am” so I can continue to build my confidence up and so you &I (yes this study is for us all lol) won’t settle.  This study started out a simple question but now I am focused on learning who the King says I am.

United; made one, combined.

So, I am united with Christ.  I am one with Him.  I sit back and smile at the thought.  I am astounded by this truth because Christ is good.  Everything that is good is Christ and I am one with Him so I am everything good. So healing, love, prosperity, mercy, grace, light, kind, miraculous, beautiful, healed, whole, because they are Christ and I am one with Him I  AM THESE THINGS!!!

So for every bad word or thought that has encamped our mind or our presence we can cast down because they are not who we are.  We are one with Christ so if He isn’t it, we aren’t either. Since Jesus Christ is love and I am united with Him, I am everything loving.

I am love.

I am great.

We are love.

We are great.

💙💛Happy Monday Lovely People💙💙

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