Time……..  See theres this guy…….

Time…….. See theres this guy…….

Its been awhile yeah I know I know.  I cant even say Im back but I can say Ive met this guy that some how has motivated me to write.

I am studying the book of Hosea.  In this book God is punishing Israel because they are not focused anymore they are idolizing things and forgot their POINT… They forgot…

So theres this guy. (lol)  During my meditation I was praying for this guy and asking God for clarity of the situation.  While still in prayer I brought out my trusty notepad and began to write.  Keep in mind writing is my direct connection to God and receiving answers but I have not been doing that at all.  So as I write I began to talk about this guy.  I started writing how just when I thought I found a good guy poof.  He spoke the word rush to me.

I am in a place of loneliness and honestly its cold I wanna be bunned up. (lol)  So as I continued to write I told him I know I dont want to rush things which is what I do (act off impulse) but that flow is what always gets me in trouble. So I thank God because He put a man in my life that WILL NOT BE RUSHED.

I think as women, when we get a certain age and we are still single its like a ticking clock.  Rather than make a mistake twice (me) or end up with someone that we selfishly chose, I suggest all women focus on loving God and themselves first.  I believe once we learn to love God and what He desires and thinks of us we would not be so quick to rush into things because we will try the spirit by the spirit.

Now, this is advice from me is good.  However, I am speaking to myself.  Ive decided not to focus on THIS GUY per sae but to have fun, focus on my goals, and love God.  I dont know the future of me and THIS GUY, but I know my future in Christ and thats to prosper.   I know God knows the desires of my heart and I believe He will grant me those as well as healing in due time.