Goodmorning!!!  See I told you there is something about THIS GUY that motivates me to write.  So on yesterday I sat and explained to THIS GUY that he was very selfish.  I told him he doesnt speak with anyone except who he wants and basically I was just fussing and crying for some attention.  Fast forward…..

This morning I get my bible out and started praying and meditating.  While doing this the Spirit brings to mind how selfish I am.  How I dont reach out to others either, only to those I want to.  Then thoughts start to run thru my mind.  Kelly you too are actually in your own little world and no one gets contacted either unless Kelly feels like it.

People this is not the mind of Christ.  God is full of faithfulness and unfailing love.  Alot of times we call out what we dont like in others but PLEASE DO REMEMBER THAT IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOU…….  I too am very selfish.  So I must say I thank God and THIS GUY for showing me exactly who I am.  A very selfish being.

IT is my prayer that God removes this trait from me.  How do I exhibit this to people because its so many?  REACH OUT is what He responds.  Just as I scolded THIS GUY for not reaching out with just a simple text because it only takes a minute I can do just the same.  Funny how correction comes when you THINK you are correcting someone else ESPECIALLY WHEN CORRECTION AINT EVER YOUR JOB ANYWAYS…….



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