Good morning,

While reading and meditating on John 2 a verse stuck out;

John 2:17

Then his disciples remembered this prophecy from the scriptures: “Passion for Gods house will consume me.”

The above scripture is in reference to Jesus getting upset with the people selling things at His temples.  It wasn’t the mere fact that they were selling things there but the focus had shifted.  The people were to come there for true worship and prayer but instead they got distracted and redirected to worldly visions and things.

Then comes this seemingly quiet man in His anger whipping people, turning over tables, and kicking people out of the temple.  I can clearly see the shock on peoples face as a man who was so gentle do something outrageous.  But sometimes……. It takes you doing something outrageous to get the resilults that you want.  I dare you to dream BIG for 2017, sit back, write the vision, and then Just like Jesus do something outrageous to fulfill your destiny.

Now if it involves making whips, turning over tables, and kicking folks out of stuff I suggest you consult God with that before you begin..😂😂😂😂

Happy Wednesday 

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