This year I embarked on the Jump movement.  Now while it may seem easy to some of you I have so many dreams and goals it was a struggle for me.  So while meditating God whispered rush and slow down.  My mind was so congested that I really had to sit be still and ask myself what did I want to do.  

While doing this I came up with a solution that was so easy it was actually self education.  So while I work I will earn my accounting certificate so that after this year I can be my own boss and also put myself thru nursing school.   The certification is kinda expensive but its online and it allows me to still work and be a single parent.

I recommend you guys use this year as your jump year.  I believe that we should set ourselves up to be God dependent and self sufficient.  

I am an entrepreneur at heart.  I want to be able to homeschooling my children, cook for my husband, run multiple successful businesses all in the comfort of my own home or office.  I believe God will make this possible with the power that He upholds……..

Stay tuned 2017 year of success….

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