Midday Madness….


I was having a conversation with one of my associates and what kept coming out her mouth was negativity and dependency on a man.  Not THE MAN a man.  So I got a little irritated and before you know it I was trying to force her to see the good in her and what she can accomplish if she relied solely on God and her own power that He has equipped her with.

I prayed and felt God saying:

Stop trying to force yourself, your opinion, your views and your greatness on others.  I am in charge and I give them free will.  I told God that I want her to see to which He replied I do too but Im a gentlemen and they have to see for themselves.

Alot of times we see soooo much potential in people that they fail to see in themselves, however we must step back and reassure them that we are there for them but we can not force our will or Gods will on their lives.  We must remain encouraging, less judgemental, and show love.

Enjoy the rest of your day loves…

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