This morning I woke up extra early because something deep was on my mind.  In some kind of way I got demoted on my job.  Or you may say they stripped me of some of my powers.  I felt betrayed, pissed, spiteful, and angry.

You see no one wants power to be taken away from them.  Who doesn’t like power??  As I sat down to meditate and write I let all my emotions out.  

There came about me a still small voice that recognized that I didn’t like my power being taken and although this demotion was for the best (it will help me focus on perfecting my talents and gifts), it was my pride that was in place.

I am doing a 21 day fast and God let me know those  spirits that I was not liking in my job,  I too held some of those same spirits and He needed to separate me to purge that evilness out of my life.  Not only did He need to purge me but I needed to focus on my bookkeeping because that’s a part of my business plan. 

You see sometimes we Dont understand the plan but it makes sense to ME (God) and if we would sit back and meditate we will sometimes see that it will all make sense.  Everything fits into God perfect plans.  I have decided to tune up my skills this year and I can not focus on many things that will not help me excell in my own personal visions and gains.  Whatever it was that God needed to do He felt I had too much on my plate for His purpose.  At work I was juggling 3 titles, going to school, and raising 3 boys.  

This shift of power was indeed a blessing in disguise…….  


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