Water challenge…

Hey guys,
Not too many sistahs am I finding on the web are doing the gallon of water a day challenge.  Well… Here goes.  Today I start my gallon of water challenge in hope of longer stronger healthier hair, smooth face appearance, healing in all areas of my body, and just to see…..
Day 1:  I’m definitely peeing a lot more lol… I would think once an hour.  It is 5:47pm and almost 1/4 of the water is left.  Since I’m a water drinker I believe this will be easier for mede.

This is a pic from November 2015.  It had been badly damage from heat but is now in repair and healing mode and down to the tip of my nose…..  The breakage is being treated and has been since I noticed it so we will see next month what happens to the length.  

I Dont have any current pics but will upload on wash day lol….

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