I want sex.  You want sex.  We… All…. Want… Sex….. Cuz its good right?  Last night I had an awkward moment.  I was lying in an extreme desire to be physically stimulated and nothing happened.

First I wanna say that these were my thoughts.  I was having real live fantasies while conversing with someone.  You see I have been on a sex hiatus, but I still have those urges.

We all know sex was intended for marriage but how do we really stop those urges?

Common sense.  We use wisdom and judgement.  And heres how it goes once I get those urges..

Urges: u need sex

Kelly:ur right

Urges: u should call…..

Kelly: yea I could but he is not committed to me which means he could be having sex with 1000 women.

Urges: well call….

Kelly:  yea but I think he would want more and honestly I Dont want nothing from him.

You see when your dating with purpose you refuse to risk your sexual/physical health and also refuse to waste time.

I don’t know if anyone has tried this but this is what I use in making choices for sexual pleasures with candidates.  I sit and analyze and if the bad outweigh the good which in most times if ur single it will I just Dont do it.
Its not easy but its worth it…….

Happy Wednesday…

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