This morning during meditation I started imagining one thing and before you know it my mind ran wild.  Lol…  Its funny in a sense because God did give me a gift of vision but its not funny when my visions turn into warp fantasies depicting evil desires.

Let’s be honest we all have twisted imaginations.  The thing is, we have all imagined when that car cut us off  ramming it with our car and/or that slow pedestrian intentionally walking across the street like a snail  mashing the gas and booting him/her out the way.

What I have learned tho is that even our thoughts produce power.  These thoughts produce negative vibes which in turn affects our whole body and God forbid we speak… Eeeeeee….

So this morning as my mind ran I suddenly started paying attention to my thoughts and redirected them back on the purpose.  And that purpose is to live, love, and laugh.  For this is what God is….

Take inventory of your thoughts today.

❤❤❤❤❤Happy Thursday❤❤❤❤❤


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