I wanna move.  I want to go back to MD but not now…. I’m in a place where I’m uneasy at my current job because of corruption and I never really liked NC anyways but had to come to regroup after going thru a shady marriage.

While reading Proverbs I felt God say be patient, use good judgment, and discernment before acting.  You see He never said Dont JUMP and move but to get understanding, knowledge, and discernment before I go.

I believe this is strictly preparation advice.  I’m working on certifications but I need a job offer and a place before I just up and move back.  It would be nice to up and move like I did the first time but with 3 kids following me that would not use wisdom, discernment, nor would it be understanding

Sometimes in life a JUMP is required in order to be happy and fulfill your destiny.  Sometimes we are pushed off the cliff but this time I believe God will allow me to just JUMP…☺☺☺😍😍😍

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