Every morning I wake up thinking about this move.  Then comes the worry then comes the doubt.  I have learned not to get distracted about the worry or doubt but to press forward in fear.  

You see I Dont have all the answers for this move.  In fact we never have all the answers when we jump off impulse but we do need to jump.  A job is very important for me to have, a place for me and my kids, and stability for them is important.  

How we will obtain some of this moving from another state is THE work in progress.  It is tempting to be deceiving during this process however I refuse.

I wanna live in a place and state of mind that what’s meant to be will be and God can and will do the impossible.  So I’m believing for a job offer while I’m still down here that will help me move and I’m believing that the transition will be smooth.  This requires patience which I tend not to have a lot but guess what????

I’m learning and growing……

❤❤❤❤❤Happy Wednesday❤❤❤❤❤

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