Evening Edibles…

After much thought and prayer, I will be growing Evening Edibles into a talk show and radio show.  This is going to bring a platform for people to just be people. A no judgment zone with interactions from an audience and team members.  I look forward to sharing my story, ideas, growth, and power to empower others.  STAY TUNED….. COMING SOON….


Damage Control…


Isaiah 43:18-20New International Version (NIV)

18 “Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.
20 The wild animals honor me,
    the jackals and the owls,
because I provide water in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland,
to give drink to my people, my chosen,

If we focus on the old things in life we can not be blessed into our future.  This is food for thought that applies not only to relationships but mind frames, actions, experiences.  God wants to bring something new in our lives  so we must shift our mind frames consciously and subconsciously so that we can walk into our DESTINY….




I was reading today during meditation and John 5:6 stuck out to me.  There was this pool where people would go to dip in and get healed.  Where in this verse there was 1 man who had waited 30 years.. Jesus looks at him and asks “Do you wanna be healed?”

English Standard Version John 5:6
When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time, he said to him, “Do you want to be healed?”

I think I was a bit taken back as I imagined him asking me this same question.  Kelly, do you wanna be healed?” I think alot of time we get caught up not only in the attention that being “sick”, “not well”, or “öff”, but also with self pity and pity from others.  There are times in my journey where I just dwell in my sickness or any area in my life that is not fully operating up to its potential.  I think this not only delays my healing but puts me in a position where I am  just merely seeking attention (attention seekers dont care if its good or bad or sad attention, they thrive off the attention)

I remember one of my favorite urban hood films PAID IN FULL.  And Ace and Mitch were on the couch.  Ace was telling him about leaving the “game”.  Mitch goes to say if I leave are the fans gonna still love me?

Getting well/healed hurts more because it requires us to do a self examination and deny the flesh.  Yes during this healing process God will show you you if you wanna seek real complete and overrall healing.  This process lets us face the real reality that in certain circumstances we too are at fault.

So His question to me was do you desire to stay sick with all its fleshly benefits or do you desire to get well/healed.  My answer:


Selfishness….. THIS GUY

Selfishness….. THIS GUY

Goodmorning!!!  See I told you there is something about THIS GUY that motivates me to write.  So on yesterday I sat and explained to THIS GUY that he was very selfish.  I told him he doesnt speak with anyone except who he wants and basically I was just fussing and crying for some attention.  Fast forward…..

This morning I get my bible out and started praying and meditating.  While doing this the Spirit brings to mind how selfish I am.  How I dont reach out to others either, only to those I want to.  Then thoughts start to run thru my mind.  Kelly you too are actually in your own little world and no one gets contacted either unless Kelly feels like it.

People this is not the mind of Christ.  God is full of faithfulness and unfailing love.  Alot of times we call out what we dont like in others but PLEASE DO REMEMBER THAT IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOU…….  I too am very selfish.  So I must say I thank God and THIS GUY for showing me exactly who I am.  A very selfish being.

IT is my prayer that God removes this trait from me.  How do I exhibit this to people because its so many?  REACH OUT is what He responds.  Just as I scolded THIS GUY for not reaching out with just a simple text because it only takes a minute I can do just the same.  Funny how correction comes when you THINK you are correcting someone else ESPECIALLY WHEN CORRECTION AINT EVER YOUR JOB ANYWAYS…….


Time……..  See theres this guy…….

Time…….. See theres this guy…….

Its been awhile yeah I know I know.  I cant even say Im back but I can say Ive met this guy that some how has motivated me to write.

I am studying the book of Hosea.  In this book God is punishing Israel because they are not focused anymore they are idolizing things and forgot their POINT… They forgot…

So theres this guy. (lol)  During my meditation I was praying for this guy and asking God for clarity of the situation.  While still in prayer I brought out my trusty notepad and began to write.  Keep in mind writing is my direct connection to God and receiving answers but I have not been doing that at all.  So as I write I began to talk about this guy.  I started writing how just when I thought I found a good guy poof.  He spoke the word rush to me.

I am in a place of loneliness and honestly its cold I wanna be bunned up. (lol)  So as I continued to write I told him I know I dont want to rush things which is what I do (act off impulse) but that flow is what always gets me in trouble. So I thank God because He put a man in my life that WILL NOT BE RUSHED.

I think as women, when we get a certain age and we are still single its like a ticking clock.  Rather than make a mistake twice (me) or end up with someone that we selfishly chose, I suggest all women focus on loving God and themselves first.  I believe once we learn to love God and what He desires and thinks of us we would not be so quick to rush into things because we will try the spirit by the spirit.

Now, this is advice from me is good.  However, I am speaking to myself.  Ive decided not to focus on THIS GUY per sae but to have fun, focus on my goals, and love God.  I dont know the future of me and THIS GUY, but I know my future in Christ and thats to prosper.   I know God knows the desires of my heart and I believe He will grant me those as well as healing in due time.



Morning Minutes; Seasons

Morning Minutes; Seasons

This morning on the way to work I noticed a swift change in the seasons.  This made me think of the seasons of life and I wanted to probe a question: Which season are you in?

This season in my life Im mourning and healing alot.  As I celebrated my 2nd Anniversary, reality hit me that although married 2 years I have been single just the same.  I also realized Ive lost alot and succumb to alot during the last 2 years.

It wasnt until I submitted to the process and aLlowed God to enter into the season to heal me and restore that I actually knew what it meant and felt what it meant to let go.

Leting go is releasing the need to control and allowing yourself to feel the pain.  This season holds alot of tears, fears, and anger.  But most importantly, this season holds healing and change, both internally and externally.

So as I walk thru this season, taking my time not to rush it, I allow myself to feel.  This means you may see me crying in the grocery store or laughing hysterically for no reason that the eyes can see.  This doesnt mean im crazy this is just me allowing God and my soul to simply be….

I want to encourage others to join the healing bandwagon and I want to discourage some to not judge.

You may not understand the process but everything is working out for our good…


Morning Minutes; Power

During my morning meditation, God revealed to me about my power.  That word power spoke to me in every scripture I read.  God began to reveal His wisdom and I began to see that I had so much power.  The Holy Spirit, God Himself lives in us.  His life giving, life changing, raising from the dead spirit, lives in you and I.

The problem was I wasnt operating in that spirit.  You see I have the power to speak to mountains and they have to move.  I have power to speak to that disease, sickness, and whatever spirit that controls our sinful nature and IT HAS TO FLEE….


I dont know where the signals got crossed or where I forgot but today this was a reminder from God.  Use that power and by the name of Jesus those demons have to flee….