Evening Edibles…

After much thought and prayer, I will be growing Evening Edibles into a talk show and radio show.  This is going to bring a platform for people to just be people. A no judgment zone with interactions from an audience and team members.  I look forward to sharing my story, ideas, growth, and power to empower others.  STAY TUNED….. COMING SOON….



This year WE are embarking on something new, challenging, different, and authentic.  I am putting together a group of women to do a podcast as well as talk show… Of course, it will be virtual because we are all around the world.  But stay tuned….. THE BEST IS COMING, IN FACT ITS HERE NOW!!!

Vision …

I got a vision… And the thing is if ur not in that vision I will cut u off…  Its nothing personal but I’m just focused on what God has for me in this vision and I align myself with the vision and positivity and if something comes on that path that doesn’t fit the vision I quickly dismiss it..  NO MORE WAISTING TIME… THE TIME IS NOW!!!    

Minute Miracles…..

Minute Miracles…..

We can make our own plans but the Lord gives the right answer. Proverbs 16:1

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

We can make.our plans but the Lord determines the steps. Proverbs 16:9

This morning while in prayer I was talking about MY plans and although God gives us visions and imaginations it is He who orders our steps for our good.  This move yes is for our (my family) good but I’m careful to just not plan plan.  You see I have been on several interviews and looked at several apartments but now I seek God on which way to go.

We wait…. We wait patiently knowing that we will succeed.  We wait….. We do all we can and we wait…. Because we know God has the perfect plan and everything works out FOR our good and in our favor.  So stay persistent in whatever you want to do and when those negative thoughts come in remind your self that you were built for GREATNESS.


Surface looking….

This morning as I was praying and talking to God I was talking about the natural and He responded “we looking at the supernatural”……

Oftentimes the things we see, dont really line up to what we have been praying for.  But that’s just surface thinking.  I can no longer get wrapped up with that kind of thinking.  I also can no longer be acquainted with those type of persons.

My life is supernaturally miraculous so I have to be surrounded by those people.  You see when I pray,

I ask for STUPID BIG MIRACLES…… I started that because I was no longer thinking small after 2016.






Work brings profit but mere talk leads to poverty!

Less talk more action…

2017 God is manifesting goals BUT will you do the work??!!
😊😊😊😊Happy Wednesday😊😊😊😊

P.s. I had a face time interview with a job that I really liked and really wanted….  I will know by Friday.  Let’s just say I AM BLESSED 😉😉😉 PRAYERS UP EVERYONE…THIS IS MY SEASON!!