Death on the physical is inevitable.  But I wanna talk about death in the spiritual, mental,emotional, and financial aspects.  

I think most of the time we focus on physical but fail to realize that some of us now, are walking around dead.  Dead spirits, dead hope, dead finances, and emotionally dead. 

We have given up on dreams, visions, goals, and wealth.  We have succomb to being mediocre, content, and OK with our current mental state.

Our life is not to be a revolving door of the same things.  We are meant to grow. So I challenge you all to ask God to breathe life into those dead areas in your life.  And when He does cuz He will, then do your part.

Faith without works is dead…..

Let’s take action!!!

Dry bones come alive…….
😘😘😘😘😘Happy Tuesday😘😘😘😘😘




Wise words bring many benefits,and hard work brings rewards….. Proverbs 12:14

Speak abundance, work hard, trust God….  I see an overflow happening in my life, I feel an overflow happening in my life, and without knowing it I looked up and I was stepping into my destiny….

Late night tears……

Late night tears……

Tonight I lay in bed pillow and face stained with tears as I reflect….

I reflect on my current and past experiences down here and its heart breaking.  I realize everything happens for a reason but to live amongst the broken you are bound to get hurt.

I anxiously wait to see what lies ahead with this JUMP and I count the days that I finally get to exit this place of unhappiness and get pushed forward into my dreams.

All the heartbreak and pain I’ve experienced over the last 3 years was patiently preparing me for this moment right here…. The moment when I let go of all fears, heartache, pain, and not knowing the unknown and……


Can you say PRODUCTIVE!!!!

Can you say PRODUCTIVE!!!!

Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich. Proverbs 10:4

So during this season I am so busy.  Working, studying, training, and soon to be moving back to MD.  

The thing is the more productive I am the more I produce.  We all should be so busy focusing on our dreams and goals that we have no time for gossip, bullying, judging, or any evil doings.  

Because remember this is our year of the JUMP.  

Hard work definitely does pay off.  I’m a witness.  I forfeit fun and spending money recklessly to invest in me and my education and future but by this time next year I will be a part of several thriving businesses servicing the DMV area.  

I’m excited for what’s to come knowing that its only a matter of days before I FLY…………..

❤❤❤❤❤❤Happy Thursday❤❤❤❤❤❤

The move…..

The move…..

The minute I stopped worrying, thinking, and debating…..  I started planning and putting things into action…..  Things started happening.

This year I have been focused on moving.  Not just physically but in all areas.  Putting my dreams into fruitation….And it works.

Yesterday I filled out applications and got several call backs. Not only did I get call backs from job I started looking for places and seen some good prospective apartments at reasonable prices.

I think one of my problems was I would have all these bright ideas but would never ACT on them.  Not anymore..

2017 is the year of the JUMP and if I fall, (which I probably won’t) I have to believe that God will catch me.  The happiest I have ever been was up north and I’m going back to that happiness real soon.  Sooner than I thought but soon enough.

I encourage you all to chase your happiness.  Go after it with a passion and serve your purpose.

God is right there to make it work…. 

❤❤❤❤❤Happy Tuesday❤❤❤❤❤



This morning I woke up extra early because something deep was on my mind.  In some kind of way I got demoted on my job.  Or you may say they stripped me of some of my powers.  I felt betrayed, pissed, spiteful, and angry.

You see no one wants power to be taken away from them.  Who doesn’t like power??  As I sat down to meditate and write I let all my emotions out.  

There came about me a still small voice that recognized that I didn’t like my power being taken and although this demotion was for the best (it will help me focus on perfecting my talents and gifts), it was my pride that was in place.

I am doing a 21 day fast and God let me know those  spirits that I was not liking in my job,  I too held some of those same spirits and He needed to separate me to purge that evilness out of my life.  Not only did He need to purge me but I needed to focus on my bookkeeping because that’s a part of my business plan. 

You see sometimes we Dont understand the plan but it makes sense to ME (God) and if we would sit back and meditate we will sometimes see that it will all make sense.  Everything fits into God perfect plans.  I have decided to tune up my skills this year and I can not focus on many things that will not help me excell in my own personal visions and gains.  Whatever it was that God needed to do He felt I had too much on my plate for His purpose.  At work I was juggling 3 titles, going to school, and raising 3 boys.  

This shift of power was indeed a blessing in disguise…….  




Today I was moved to read John 6…  I try to constantly maintain a good  relationship with God. My morning times are times when its quiet and I can think and pour out my heart to Him and oftentimes he will direct me to scriptures.

John 6:9

“There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish.  But what good is that with this huge crowd?”

Life happens, so at times we only have a little time, a little energy, a little money, and a little sanity to give.  Not only to give to God but to give to people.  

I oftentimes get caught up with thinking I’m not spending enough time with God or people, but today God spoke give what little you have.  So even if I wake up in the morning late and my designated time with God is cut short still give the little.  Even if its a simple text to see if people are alright still do it.  And even if its my last dime but my neighbor needs it still give it.  You see God is a God of multiplying.  The little we give He will multiply times 10.  Just like the little 2 fish the boy gave God was able to feed thousands.

So let’s continue to give people even if we think its little God can and still does use this…..